About Us

High Performance
  • Zirconia.
  • Tin Oxide.
  • Ceramics.

With over 205 years’ experience supplying cutting edge refractory ceramics we possess the expertise to continuously develop our ideas and products through our Research and Development Laboratory (RDL).  We aim to meet the challenges of the future and ensure our materials remain the highest quality available within the market place.  We also excel in process innovation, continually streamlining our systems to ensure our clients get the products they need, when they are needed.

With our head offices and RDL facility based in Sheffield, United Kingdom and our manufacturing unit based in West Hunwick, County Durham, UK; our ideas and innovations can easily be transferred from our RDL facility to full scale production quickly and effectively.

Our production facilities include raw material processing, hydraulic pressing, isostatic pressing and high temperature intermittent kilns.

DysonTC provide Zirconia ceramics to customers on a worldwide scale, through a global distribution network of technical representatives, based throughout the world. Technical support is provided through our product specialists based at our head office and RDL facility in Sheffield, UK.

This blend of global contacts, technical experience and innovative thinking is summed up within our mission statement; Focus, Innovation, Performance.  Focus on our customers throughout the world, Innovation to meet the needs of tomorrow, and Performance in meeting our clients’ requirements.

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