Consistency is the Key with Dyson’s Atomising Nozzles

Consistency is the Key with Dyson’s Atomising Nozzles

Dyson Technical Ceramics are pleased to announce that they have received a 100% feedback rating from Hoeganaes, Romania for the tenth successive year.  Hoeganaes, Romania are a key manufacturer of Iron and high alloyed metal powders which are used in the Powder Metallurgy industry.

Suppliers to Hoeganaes are assessed every six months on various criteria, which are mainly focused upon delivery performance and product quality.  Dyson have achieved full marks in this assessment for the past ten years, confirming the consistency of both Dyson’s products and services.

Commenting on the good news the Operations Director for Dyson Technical Ceramics, Dave Jordan stated:

“for operations this is great news and shows great consistency in our quality, production planning and operator training to that all comes together to ensure we meet our customer expectations”.

Richard Taylor, the Managing Director for Dyson Technical Ceramics echoed Dave’s comments and thanked the customer for acknowledging Dyson’s efforts:

”It is very satisfying to receive such an acknowledgement from an organisation such as Hoeganaes. All credit to our manufacturing team for supplying nozzles of high quality standards to meet the customer’s delivery requirements.”

The Atomising process is one of the most demanding environments for refractory ceramics, where there are conflicting requirements of extreme erosion resistance and excellent thermal shock resistance.  High pressure molten metal passes through the atomising nozzle and upon exit is bombarded with gas or water, which in turn diffuses the metal stream into tiny particles.  In addition to this the highly engineered process demands that nozzles are supplied to engineering type tolerances.

Dyson Technical Ceramics are widely recognised as the number one supplier of high performance Zirconia Atomising Nozzles used in the production of metal powders.  Dyson’s unique manufacturing techniques allows for the production of highly erosion resistant nozzles that are also extremely thermal shock resistant and dimensionally accurate.

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