Aerospace, Biomedical and Automotive

Products for the Aerospace, Biomedical and Automotive Industries

Dyson Technical Ceramics™ manufactures a range of products suitable for use in the Investment Casting Industry.  The products include:

Products for the Aerospace, Biomedical and Automotive Industries

  • Alumina Crucibles, AZ76Magnesia Crucibles, Alumina Crucibles

    Alumina Crucibles

    Dyson Technical Ceramics™ Isostatically Pressed Alumina Crucibles offer resistance to high temperatures, while maintaining good erosion resistance. Dyson Technical Ceramics manufactures a range of crucibles based on Alumina.


  • Crucible Backing Material

    Dypack Backing Material

    Complimenting Dyson’s range of crucibles Dyson Technical Ceramics also offer thermal insulating Dypack™ backing material, which can be used in air and induction melting applications.  Also referred to as “Ramming Material” or “Crucible Back-up”, it creates a safety barrier in the unlikely event of a crucible failure.  The crucible back-up also insulates the crucible, helping reduce changes in temperature that can cause thermal stress.

  • Zirconia Ceramic FiltersDyson Zirconia Ceramic Filters

    Zirconia Ceramic Filters

    Dyson Technical Ceramics™ Zirconia Ceramics Filters are used in the filtration of Steel and Nickel/Cobalt based superalloy castings. DysonTC’s Zirconia Ceramic Filters offer resistance to high temperatures, while maintaining excellent erosion resistance. The fine textures of the filters provide excellent filtration properties, giving the caster cleaner melts and reducing the need for grinding/machining. Advanced production techniques help to give the filters an even 3D lattice, resulting in a smooth, non-turbulent melt flow.

  • Zirconia CruciblesCrucible Backing Material

    Zirconia Crucibles

    Dyson Technical Ceramics™ manufactures a wide range of high performance pressed Zirconia Crucibles, based upon partially stabilised Zirconia. Zirconia Crucibles are often used in the precious metals, aerospace and biomedical industries.  Applications include the investment casting of Nickel, Cobalt and Chrome containing alloys, along with high temperature melting and refining of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs').


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