Powder Metallurgy

Products for the Powder Metallurgy Industry

Dyson Technical Ceramics™ manufactures Zirconia Atomising Nozzles for the Powder Metallurgy industry.

Zirconia Atomising Nozzles

Our Zirconia Atomising Nozzles are manufactured to exacting dimensions and our materials and operations are backed up by our Research and Development Laboratory, which strives to constantly improve our materials and production techniques.

Products for the Powder Metallurgy Industry

  • Zirconia Atomising NozzlesAtomising Nozzles

    Atomising Nozzles

    Dyson Technical Ceramics are principle manufacturers of high performance Zirconia Atomising Nozzles for use in the Powder Metallurgy industry. Atomising nozzles are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, many to the requirements of individual customers.

    Applications include the casting and atomisation of Ferrous and Non Ferrous melts.

    One of the principle features of Zircatom™ nozzles is their close dimensional accuracy, which promotes stable flow characteristics under the most arduous conditions. The addition of specially selected stabilising oxides provides high strength, excellent erosion resistance and minimal cracking due to thermal shock/rapid cooling.

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