Products for the Steel Industry

Dyson Technical Ceramics™ manufactures and supplies various products to the steel industry. Our materials are continuously developed through our Research and Development laboratory in order to ensure our products are always one step ahead of the competition and to satisfy our customer present and future requirements.

Dyson Technical Ceramics™ supplies the following products to the steel industry:

Products for the Steel Industry

  • Alumina Crucibles, AZ76Magnesia Crucibles, Alumina Crucibles

    Alumina Crucibles

    Dyson Technical Ceramics™ Isostatically Pressed Alumina Crucibles offer resistance to high temperatures, while maintaining good erosion resistance. Dyson Technical Ceramics manufactures a range of crucibles based on Alumina.


  • Crucible Backing Material

    Dypack Backing Material

    Complimenting Dyson’s range of crucibles Dyson Technical Ceramics also offer thermal insulating Dypack™ backing material, which can be used in air and induction melting applications.  Also referred to as “Ramming Material” or “Crucible Back-up”, it creates a safety barrier in the unlikely event of a crucible failure.  The crucible back-up also insulates the crucible, helping reduce changes in temperature that can cause thermal stress.

  • Firebricks



    Incorporating low iron, pre-calcined dense grain materials, this product is formulated to provide high strength, high abrasion resistance, low porosity and high refractoriness combined with a high resistance to glass furnace carryover, vapours and solids.



    A dry pressed high strength abrasion resistant firebrick with good dimensional tolerance. SDR-F is a high performance firebrick which finds application where resistance to glass furnace carryover in solid or vapour forms is required.

    Applications of SDS-F and SDR-F Firebricks include:

    • Lower regenerator walls (Glass)
    • Upper wall back up (Glass)
    • Rider arches, were loading is not severe (Glass)
    • Flues
    • Furnace and kiln working linings
    • High temperature furnace safety linings (Steel and Non Ferrous)
    • Reduction cells in Aluminium industry
  • Sliding Gate plate InsertsZirconia Sliding Gate Plate Insert

    Sliding Gate Plate Inserts

    Dyson Technical Ceramics manufactures a range of high density zirconia sliding gate plate inserts, which are used within sliding gate plate applications. The inserts are generally used within a cast or pressed refractory plate.

    Sliding Gate Plate inserts are an excellent solution to increasing the life span of sliding gate plates. Once a sliding gate plate becomes worn,
    the worn material can be removed and a high density DysonTC Zirconia Plate insert can be cemented/cast in its place, therefore extending the life of the sliding gate plate.

  • Tundish Metering NozzlesTundish Metering Nozzles

    Tundish Metering Nozzles

    Dyson Technical Ceramics manufactures a comprehensive range of high performance Zirconia Tundish Metering Nozzles used mainly in the continuous casting of steel billets. Tundish Nozzles usually comprise a zirconia inner nozzle (often referred to as a “zirconia insert”) with a lower grade outer body such as Alumina, Zircon or Bauxite.

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