• Alumina Crucibles, AZ76Magnesia Crucibles, Alumina Crucibles

    Alumina Crucibles

    Dyson Technical Ceramics™ Isostatically Pressed Alumina Crucibles offer resistance to high temperatures, while maintaining good erosion resistance. Dyson Technical Ceramics manufactures a range of crucibles based on Alumina.


  • Firebricks



    Incorporating low iron, pre-calcined dense grain materials, this product is formulated to provide high strength, high abrasion resistance, low porosity and high refractoriness combined with a high resistance to glass furnace carryover, vapours and solids.



    A dry pressed high strength abrasion resistant firebrick with good dimensional tolerance. SDR-F is a high performance firebrick which finds application where resistance to glass furnace carryover in solid or vapour forms is required.

    Applications of SDS-F and SDR-F Firebricks include:

    • Lower regenerator walls (Glass)
    • Upper wall back up (Glass)
    • Rider arches, were loading is not severe (Glass)
    • Flues
    • Furnace and kiln working linings
    • High temperature furnace safety linings (Steel and Non Ferrous)
    • Reduction cells in Aluminium industry
  • Tin Oxide ElectrodesTin Oxide Electrodes & Components

    Tin Oxide Electrodes

    Dyson Technical Ceramics™ STANNEX™ electrodes are made from ultra-high purity Tin Oxide, and are an advanced alternative to traditional Molybdenum electrodes.

    Carefully selected additives are used to promote good sintering and give a dense product with exceptional electrical conductivity and refractory properties. The use of Tin Oxide also helps avoid the discolouring that can sometimes occur with Molybdenum electrodes.

    All STANNEX™ electrodes are isostatically pressed and contain no recycled or reclaimed material to ensure superb consistency and the high quality production. Every electrode is individually tested and approved before dispatch.

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